An exhibition showcasing Beat poet Allen Ginsberg’s visits to London from 1965 onwards is set to open this March. The exhibition will feature personal ephemeral documents, photographs, installations, films, and sounds that capture Ginsberg’s time in the city. In addition to the exhibition, a series of special events will be held. These include the book launch of “Material Wealth” with author Pat Thomas on March 7, a conversation with Ginsberg’s biographer Barry Miles and screenings of films such as “Ah! Sunflower” and “Wholly Communion” on March 8.

There will also be a night dedicated to exploring the impact of William Blake on Ginsberg with Dr. Camila Oliveira Querino and Iain Sinclair, featuring performances of Ginsberg’s “Sunflower” poems and “Howl” on March 14. On March 15, Youth, Miles, and Pat Thomas will discuss Ginsberg as a musician and muse, followed by film screenings and a performance by Youth and special guests.

The exhibition will take place at the London Horse Hospital from March 7 to March 29, with various times and prices for admission. Don’t miss this opportunity to delve into the world of Allen Ginsberg and experience the cultural richness he brought to London during his visits.

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