Attleboro High School Black Student Alliance Hosts Successful Multicultural Festival

Attleboro High School’s Black Student Alliance (BSA) recently hosted a successful Multicultural Festival, with Superintendent David A. Sawyer and Principal Kate Campbell expressing their delight in the event’s outcomes.

The festival, which took place on April 24, saw 128 students participating from 32 different cultures and two clubs. This year’s edition marked the most elaborate form of the event yet, featuring activities such as informational tables, fashion shows, dances, food tastings, and more. All presentations were created by students representing various cultures.

The planning for the festival began in September, with BSA students collaborating with teachers and administrators to organize the day. The BSA student leadership team included President Flojona Sanon, Vice President Akeem Kouassi, Event Coordinators Myrlaine Phillipe and Nyla Eweka, Secretary Jeremiah Desgranges, and The Voice Jordany Gachette, guided by English teacher Danielle China Bone.

Principal Campbell commended the positivity and excitement exhibited by students and staff in embracing each other’s cultures, emphasizing the school community’s dedication to real-world learning and growth. Superintendent Sawyer praised the BSA students for creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for the AHS community to celebrate their identities.

The Multicultural Festival was a vibrant showcase of diversity and unity at Attleboro High School, highlighting the collaborative spirit and cultural richness within the student body and staff.

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