Art021, a Shanghai-based art fair, is set to make its debut in Hong Kong this summer, marking its first venture outside of Mainland China. Founded in 2013 as part of the Shanghai International Art Festival, Art021 aims to revolutionize the traditional fair model in Hong Kong in 2024. The event was established by business entrepreneurs Kylie Ying, Bao Yifeng, and David Chau, who have successfully organized three international art fairs in China, including Art021 in Shanghai, Jingart in Beijing, and DnA in Shenzhen.

The upcoming 12th Art021 Contemporary Art Fair in Shanghai will be held from 7-10 November 2024 at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre. This year, the organizers have decided to put the DnA Shenzhen event on hold to focus on Art021 Hong Kong, with the support of the government’s Mega Arts and Cultural Events Fund. Unlike more globally renowned art fairs like Art Basel and Art Central Hong Kong, Art021 Hong Kong will highlight small galleries from Mainland China, the Middle East, and the Global South.

David Chau, one of the founders, mentioned that Chinese artists have not received as much recognition in Western art markets as Western artists have in China. The group’s goal is to redefine the traditional art fair by incorporating public installations and exhibitions throughout the city, without any pre-event political content reviews. The event in Hong Kong will be by invitation only and is expected to take place in July.

For more information about Art021, visit their official website.

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