Contemporary artist FVCKRENDER is set to host his debut solo art show, titled “Ascend,” this May during Frieze New York. The exhibit, curated by pop culture critic Carlo McCormick, will feature a collection of both physical and digital works, showcasing a theme of independence and evolution.

The display will include a variety of pieces, from large-scale sculptures to original prints and editions. Notably, the collection features a 70” polyurethane chain link sculpture and 4” reinforced hydrocal plaster sculptures in editions.

FVCKRENDER aims to make art more accessible to a wider audience by offering pieces at affordable prices. The decision to hold the exhibit during Frieze New York is a strategic move to tap into the art scene and reach a broader audience.

Carlo McCormick will conduct a Q&A session with FVCKRENDER, providing fans with a unique opportunity to gain insight into the artist’s journey. The event draws parallels to the emergence of new artists influenced by street art icons like Jean Michel-Basquiat, Keith Haring, and KAWS, showcasing FVCKRENDER’s evolution beyond his digital origins.

In collaboration with LISA, a platform for fractional fine art sales, a 4ft sculpture titled “Big Care” by FVCKRENDER will be available for fractional purchase by up to 300 collectors. This unique opportunity allows collectors to own a percentage of the sculpture, receive a limited-edition NFT of the artwork, and a signed physical print by FVCKRENDER.

Nina Kim, Chief Curator at LISA, expressed excitement about collaborating with FVCKRENDER to make art accessible to all while enabling collectors to impact the future legacy of the artwork by placing it in public spaces.

The “Ascend” exhibition will take place from May 2-4, with the opening event on May 2nd featuring a live interview with Carlo McCormick and FVCKRENDER, livestreamed by Bonfire. The location for the event is 515 W 23rd Street in New York City.

Overall, FVCKRENDER’s debut solo exhibition promises to be a significant moment in the art world, showcasing the artist’s unique vision and evolution.

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