Boholano Artist Elvin Perocho Vitor is set to receive the prestigious Leonardo da Vinci Award for his outstanding work in the visual arts. The 29-year-old artist will be honored at the 6th Leonardo Da Vinci International Prize Award ceremony, to be held at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, Italy, on April 13.

Vitor was invited to submit his work for consideration by the curator of the museum, Francesco Saverio Russo. He chose to present his “Bulawanong Bol-anon Series,” a collection that celebrates the indigenous tribes of Bohol, particularly focusing on the Eskaya tribe known for their unique tattoos and script.

The artist credits his selection for the award to his distinct artistic style, participation in international exhibitions, and dedication to promoting the cultural heritage of his community. Vitor combines hyperrealism with surrealism, emphasizing the importance of infusing every masterpiece with his soul.

Vitor’s passion for the visual arts was ignited during his childhood when he observed his father creating visual aids for his classes. Despite his severe myopia, he pursued a degree in Fine Arts, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising Arts from the University of Bohol in 2018.

Following his graduation, Vitor worked in graphic design but later transitioned to a full-time career in painting due to his worsening eye condition. His commitment to showcasing the beauty of Bohol and its people is evident in his artwork, which he describes as a reflection of his Boholano identity.

In addition to his upcoming award ceremony, Vitor is hosting a solo exhibition on April 12, with a portion of the proceeds going towards supporting the deaf and blind community in Bohol. Through his art and philanthropic efforts, Vitor continues to make a significant impact on his community and the art world at large.

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