The team behind Coachella’s newest and most ambitious stage, Quasar, is working tirelessly to ensure everything is ready for the festival’s opening in less than 17 hours. Creative director and production designer Heather Shaw is leading the charge, excited about the unique challenge Quasar presents. Shaw’s team at Vita Motus Design Studio is no stranger to creating impressive stages for music festivals and live performances, but Quasar’s quick turnaround time of less than four months has pushed them to their limits.

Shaw first heard about the project at the end of January, setting off a whirlwind of design and production. Despite the tight timeline, Shaw is determined to deliver a stage that will offer extended three-hour sets from DJs, a departure from the usual shorter performances at Coachella. The goal is to create a space where artists can take the audience on a musical journey, something Shaw believes has been missing from past festival experiences.

The design process for Quasar presented unique challenges due to the longer set times. Shaw and her team had to decide whether to incorporate LED walls into the stage design. Ultimately, they opted for two monolithic LED walls that will display digital scenic elements related to the Coachella landscape in real-time, enhancing the audience’s visual experience.

In addition to the innovative use of technology, Shaw focused on keeping the stage design clean and architectural, with a nod towards simplicity. She hopes that Quasar will serve as a starting point for future stage designs, pushing boundaries and exploring new ways to engage audiences through visuals and content creation.

Looking ahead, Shaw is optimistic about Quasar’s impact on Coachella and hopes the stage will become a staple of the festival. With the lineup featuring back-to-back performances and a unique energy, Shaw believes Quasar will set a new standard for live music experiences.

As the countdown to the festival continues, Shaw remains flexible and ready to adapt to the moment during each set. The team’s focus is on delivering a seamless and unforgettable experience for attendees, embodying the spontaneity and excitement that Coachella is known for. With Quasar poised to transform the festival landscape, Shaw is eager to see how it all comes together once the music starts playing.

Overall, Shaw’s innovative approach to stage design and production showcases her creativity and determination to push boundaries in the live music industry. As Coachella attendees look forward to experiencing Quasar for the first time, Shaw’s vision and dedication promise an unforgettable and groundbreaking stage experience.

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