Malaysian travelers are flocking to London and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to celebrate Aidilfitri this year, according to Andalusia Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd.

Executive Chairman Datuk Md Daud Che Ngah highlighted that the presence of family and relatives in these regions is a significant draw for travelers during this festive season. Additionally, he mentioned that the Middle East and Europe are more affordable during Syawal, making it an attractive time to plan holidays.

Md Daud emphasized that the decrease in ticket prices, daily expenses, and hotel costs in London and the UAE this year compared to Ramadan has made these destinations particularly appealing. This trend not only strengthens familial bonds as families come together to celebrate Aidilfitri but also benefits Malaysia’s economy.

The movement of Malaysians and foreign workers from the Middle East back to their homelands during this period has significantly boosted the country’s economy. With travelers beginning their journeys as early as March 27, approximately 380 people have chosen to spend Eid abroad, taking advantage of extended holiday breaks this season.

Md Daud pointed out that the post-Covid-19 economic recovery has also played a role in motivating more people to travel during the holidays. Flight bookings have peaked around Eid, with noticeable increases in departures from April 5 to April 10, 2024.

“Flight schedules are completely full for the two weeks surrounding Eid, covering the week before and the week after the festival,” he added. This surge in travel not only reflects the desire to celebrate Aidilfitri with loved ones in foreign lands but also contributes to the economic activity in Malaysia.

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