We Design Beirut 2024, a four-day event held from May 23 to 26, showcased the themes of Preservation, Empowerment, and Sustainability. The event took place at various historically and architecturally significant sites in Beirut, transforming them into lively hubs for designer showcases, installations, talks, and workshops.

One of the standout exhibitions was PSLab’s ‘Metiers d’Art’, which celebrated and empowered master craftsmen and women. The We Mediterranean project, a collaboration between five Italian architect studios and We Design Beirut, also made its mark in Beirut, emphasizing cultural exchange and cutting-edge design. Villa Audi, a landmark location, hosted ‘Past Echoes: A Journey Through Middle Eastern Product Design’, curated by Babylon – The Agency, showcasing the rich heritage of Middle Eastern design with over 30 regional product designers.

The factory space, named ‘WeSearch’, presented student designs from five Lebanese universities, curated with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly materials. A retrospective exhibition, ‘All things must(‘nt) pass: A subjective recount of Khalil Khouri’s life and career as a designer’, curated by Bernard and Teymour Khoury, provided insight into Khouri’s contributions to international design at the Interdesign building designed by Khouri.

Open Studios allowed visitors to interact directly with local designers, artisans, and shops, providing a look into their creative processes and philosophies. The event’s opening ceremony at Cinema Royal, a former cinema transformed cultural center, brought back Lebanon’s artistic era of the ‘60s. Exclusive experiences included a private tour of the Oscar Niemeyer International Fair in Tripoli by East Architecture Studio, showcasing the site’s modernist architecture and historical significance.

We Design Beirut 2024 underscored the vibrant design scene in the Arab world, promoting cultural exchange, innovation, and sustainability within the design community.

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