Heading to your next music festival? Whether it’s Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee, Louder Than Life in Louisville, Kentucky, or any other music festival across the country, being prepared is key. Each festival has its own rules regarding bags, so it’s important to know what you can and can’t bring.

For example, at Bonnaroo, hydration backpacks are limited to two pockets, with one designated for the water bladder. Fanny packs can only have one zippered compartment, and clear bags must adhere to specific size restrictions. It’s crucial to check the guidelines for the festival you’re attending to avoid any issues at the entrance.

When it comes to personal bag preference, many festival-goers opt for a hydration backpack combined with a clear, multi-pocket fanny pack. This setup provides ample space for essentials like sunscreen in the backpack, while keeping items like your phone, ID, and credit card easily accessible in the fanny pack. This way, you can stay organized and comply with security protocols.

As for what to pack in your festival fanny pack, it varies from person to person. However, some common items to consider include sun protection, hand sanitizer, a portable phone charger, earplugs, and any necessary medications. By keeping these essentials on hand, you’ll be better prepared to enjoy the music festival experience to the fullest.

So before you hit the festival grounds, double-check your packing list to ensure you have everything you need for a memorable and stress-free weekend of music and fun.

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