The 2024 Korea-Shenyang Activity Week and Hello, Shenyang Global Promotion kicked off in Seoul, South Korea on April 24. Leaders from both sides addressed the opening, with presentations on investment and development in Liaoning Province and Shenyang City. Business representatives shared their experiences of investing in Shenyang.

Following the opening ceremony, leaders and guests visited the Shenyang Specialty Products Exhibition, where 55 representatives from companies in Shenyang showcased products in various fields. A dedicated B2B negotiation area saw Chinese and South Korean companies conduct 105 negotiation sessions.

The activity week, running from April 23 to 27, featured special economic and trade activities focusing on key industries of Sino-Korean cooperation. Over 400 representatives from South Korea attended, with 33 key cooperation projects signed, totaling 12.5 billion yuan.

The event aimed to strengthen economic and trade ties between South Korea and Shenyang. It included activities promoting cultural tourism resources and attracting targeted investments. The success of the event highlighted the potential for continued collaboration between the two regions.

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