A new exhibition titled “24! Questions for the Concrete Present” will be opening at the Museum für Konkrete Kunst (MKK) in Ingolstadt and the Museum im Kulturspeicher (MiK) in Würzburg on March 22 and 23, 2024. This collaborative show aims to explore the relevance and contemporary adaptation of Concrete Art, marking the one hundredth anniversary of the term’s inception by Dutch artist Theo van Doesburg in 1924.

The exhibition will feature twenty-four young artists from Germany and abroad, all born after 1980, who will present their unique interpretations of Concrete Art. The central question posed by the exhibition is whether Concrete Art remains relevant in today’s artistic landscape.

The participating artists have been selected to provide insights into their relationship with Concrete Art and how it influences their current creative practices. The works on display showcase a variety of artistic expressions, including intricate drawings, geometric paintings, sculptural works, and large installations, demonstrating the enduring adaptability of Concrete Art principles.

At MKK, artists like Lena Ditlmann, Marile Holzner, Carsten Beck, and Martim Brion will showcase their diverse interpretations of Concrete Art through various mediums. The exhibition will also feature works by artists such as Silvia Inselvini, Vladiana Ghiulvessi, Toulu Hassani, and Jonas Weichsel, exploring themes of order and structure in different forms.

At MiK, artists like Erika Hock, Sali Muller, Sebastian Dannenberg, and Schirin Kretschmann will present their unique perspectives on Concrete Art through sculptures, mirror works, and paintings. The diverse range of works by artists like Charlotte Giacobbi, Cătălin Pîslaru, Virginia Toma, and Patrizia Kränzlein highlight the evolving nature of Concrete Art across different genres and techniques.

The collaboration between MKK and MiK has allowed for a comprehensive exploration of Concrete Art and its future. Furthermore, an exhibition catalogue published by the Deutscher Kunstverlag will accompany the shows, featuring texts by experts in the field. The catalogue will be available for purchase in museum shops and bookstores.

Overall, “24! Questions for the Concrete Present” offers a unique opportunity to reflect on the enduring legacy and contemporary relevance of Concrete Art through the works of emerging artists from around the world.

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