A thought-provoking question is being asked by the National Museum in Cardiff with their new exhibition titled “Is a self-portrait the original selfie?” This unique exhibition has secured one of the most famous self-portraits ever painted – Vincent Van Gogh’s “Portrait of the Artist” (1887) from Musée d’Orsay in Paris.

The “Drych ar yr Hunlun/Art of the Selfie” exhibition will not only feature Van Gogh’s self-portrait but also showcase self-portraits of other renowned artists such as Rembrandt, Francis Bacon, as well as Welsh artists like Bedwyr Williams and Anya Paintsil. In a nod to the modern phenomenon of selfies, visitors will be permitted to take selfies inside the museum, embracing the true spirit of the show. As part of an exchange, the French museum received Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s “La Parisienne” (1874) for their “Paris 1874: Inventing Impressionism” exhibition.

This exhibit promises to explore the evolution and significance of self-portraits, inviting visitors to ponder the parallels between traditional self-portraiture and contemporary selfies. With iconic works and a unique interactive experience, the National Museum in Cardiff is sure to spark conversations about art, self-expression, and the timeless practice of capturing one’s own image.

[Featured Image: Vincent Van Gogh, Portrait of the Artist, 1887, via Mike Prince]

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