Tomorrowland Brazil has announced the official theme for its 2024 edition. The festival, set to take place at Parque Maeda, will revolve around the mythical ‘Adscendo’ theme, creating a magical destination high on the horizon. The captivating stage, known as ‘Adscendo,’ was first unveiled at Tomorrowland Belgium in 2023 and has now found a new home in Brazil.

The ‘Adscendo’ main stage boasts impressive numbers, including being 100% locally crafted, 43 meters high, 160 meters wide, and featuring 740 square meters of video tiles. With 1,517 video tiles in total, 1,050 lamps, 230 speakers and subs, 30 lasers, 48 fountains, and 15 waterfall pumps, the stage promises to be a breathtaking experience for attendees.

Scheduled for October 11-13, 2024, Tomorrowland Brazil will welcome festival-goers to Parque Maeda in Itu, São Paulo. Pre-registration for the event opens on April 10th, with the Worldwide Ticket Sale starting on May 2nd. More information on tickets and the festival can be found on the Tomorrowland Brazil website.

Stay tuned for updates on the lineup and other exciting announcements as Tomorrowland Brazil 2024 approaches.

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