Dale Carnegie, a pioneer in the Self-Help Movement, began his research in human behavior over a hundred years ago. He discovered that people’s top concerns back then, health and relationships, are still paramount today. Despite technological advances like Artificial Intelligence, our focus remains on our well-being and connections with others.

Carnegie’s research revealed that humans are emotional beings who use logic to support their feelings. Understanding this dynamic is essential in utilizing artificial intelligence to enhance our lives. To do this, one must first define what a better life means to them and envision the feelings associated with living that vision.

Confidence is key in taking action towards this vision. Once confidence is established, the next step is to determine the steps needed to make the vision a reality. This is where tools like artificial intelligence can be leveraged to create a strategic plan.

It’s important to stay motivated on this journey by reminding yourself of the positive feelings you will experience once your vision is achieved. By staying focused and utilizing the right tools, you can work towards a better life for yourself.

Phil Zeller, Owner/CEO of Dale Carnegie SW Michigan, shared these insights at the 2024 MMA Operations Conference. For more information on MMA events and Dale Carnegie Training, visit the provided links. Dale Carnegie Training, offered by Ralph Nichols Group Inc., is a Premium Associate Member of MMA and has been a member company since November 2021. Visit their website for more information.

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