Moonshine Post Production has revealed this year’s recipients of the Moonshine Post Finishing Grants. These grants, awarded in partnership with the Atlanta Film Festival (ATLFF), are given to the Best Georgia Short and Best Georgia Feature winners at the 2024 festival. Moonshine Post, a post-production company based in Atlanta, focuses on film, television, and advertising.

The purpose of these grants is to provide color finishing for independent filmmakers featured in the official lineup of the Atlanta Film Festival. The short film grant amounts to ,000, while the feature film grant is ,000.

In this year’s edition, writer and star Jenna Kanell, along with director Raymond Wood, won the grant for their feature film “Faceless After Dark.” Additionally, Julio Palacio received the grant for his short film “Makayla’s Voice.”

Wood expressed his gratitude for receiving the Georgia Film Award at the Atlanta Film Festival and the Finishing Grant from Moonshine Post. He emphasized the importance of such grants in supporting filmmakers in the Southeast and promoting inclusivity and equity both on and off the screen.

These grants play a crucial role in enabling filmmakers to tell important stories, and Moonshine Post’s support of independent filmmaking is greatly appreciated by the recipients.

As the film industry continues to evolve, partnerships like this one between Moonshine Post and the Atlanta Film Festival are instrumental in nurturing and showcasing talent within the independent film community.

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