A Greener Future recently released its Annual Festival Sustainability Report for 2023, showcasing the progress made by music festivals worldwide in improving their environmental practices. The report analyzed 40 festivals in eleven countries and found positive strides in sustainability efforts.

Notably, a 75% increase in bans on single-use plastic serveware, a 0.25kg reduction in average waste per attendee, and more festivals offering fully vegan or vegetarian options were highlighted as achievements. Despite these advancements, A Greener Future emphasizes that there is still room for improvement within the industry.

Transportation has been recognized as a significant contributor to festival carbon emissions, with the report indicating a slight decrease in car and van usage for rural festivals, along with an increase in public transport utilization. However, there has been a rise in air travel, especially for island-based or isolated festivals. The quality of audience travel data is improving, with festivals collaborating with low-carbon and public transport providers to reduce emissions.

While only 8% of festivals assessed offered exclusively vegan or vegetarian food options, 20% had more than half of their food traders providing plant-based menus. Additionally, 55% of events had a sustainable food and drink policy in place. Festivals that offered only vegan or vegetarian food experienced a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

Despite the progress made, the report emphasizes the impact of travel and food on emissions, with food and beverages being the second largest source after transport. The data shows a need for continued efforts to enhance sustainability in the festival sector.

For more information, you can access the full report on A Greener Future’s website.

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