Actor Kim Soo Hyun and former IOI member turned actress Lim Na Young were seen sharing a sweet moment at a recent music festival in Incheon. Speculation about a possible romantic relationship between the two began circulating in the media on June 10.

Kim Soo Hyun and Lim Na Young made an appearance at the 2024 Ultra Music Festival Korea on June 7, drawing attention from onlookers who captured photos and shared them on social media. In the images, the two stars were seen standing together, enjoying the music. Kim Soo Hyun was even captured whispering to Lim Na Young, displaying affectionate behavior that caught the eye of many.

The unexpected pairing of Kim Soo Hyun and Lim Na Young surprised netizens, with some expressing confusion over their connection. While some speculated about a possible friendship, others dismissed the rumors of a romantic involvement, suggesting that the whispering was simply a result of the festival’s noisy environment.

Kim Soo Hyun has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity thanks to his role in the tvN drama “Queen of Tears.” On the other hand, Lim Na Young, who debuted with IOI through Mnet’s “Produce 101,” has been making a name for herself as an actress in various movies and dramas, solidifying her status as an “acting idol.”

Overall, the affectionate moment between Kim Soo Hyun and Lim Na Young has sparked curiosity among fans and onlookers alike, leading to speculation about the nature of their relationship at the music festival.

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