The RHS Malvern Spring Festival in 2024 is gearing up to showcase the impact of gardening on life, community, and the planet. With a theme of ‘Gardening for Change’, this year’s festival aims to highlight the positive influence gardening has on mental wellbeing and the environment. The festival will feature a variety of attractions, including houseplants, immersive feature gardens, show gardens, demonstrations, and insights into sustainable gardening techniques.

One of the highlights of the festival will be the Festival of Houseplants, celebrating the growth of green indoor spaces. Specialist traders and experts will be on hand to provide inspiration and knowledge, with giant terrariums showcasing different plant environments from around the world. Visitors can participate in workshops on terrarium planting and care to learn more about nurturing houseplants.

Sustainability and regenerative gardening will take center stage at the festival, with nurseries showcasing native plants, shrubs, and trees. Attendees can also participate in pot-swapping stations to exchange plastic containers for plantable transportation sleeves. All plastic pots collected during the festival will be recycled, emphasizing the importance of eco-friendly gardening practices.

Additionally, the festival will feature demonstrations of gardening techniques in the Tips & Tricks Theatre by renowned horticultural experts. Topics will range from small space container gardening to DIY garden projects, providing visitors with practical insights and ideas to implement in their own gardens. With a focus on community, wellbeing, and environmental impact, the RHS Malvern Spring Festival promises to be an inspiring and educational event for garden enthusiasts.

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