A stunning rainbow installation is set to make its debut in the Festival Quarter during the St. Patrick’s Festival weekend on March 16th and 17th. This vibrant structure, made from over 1,500 recycled cans, is a collaborative effort between the not-for-profit organization Every Can Counts and Loreto College located in St Stephen’s Green.

Eighteen transition year students from Loreto College diligently collected cans for the installation, with donations also coming in from local recycling centers. The pupils had the opportunity to visit Every Can Counts’ Dublin warehouse to witness the construction of the rainbow and learn about the endless cycle of aluminum can recycling.

During the festival weekend, Every Can Counts will have team members present to collect more cans and raise awareness about recycling. The deposit value of the cans collected will be donated to the Capuchin Day Centre, which assists the homeless in Dublin with various essential services.

This initiative comes following the launch of the new Deposit Return Scheme in February. Research conducted by Every Can Counts highlights the growing importance of recycling, with many individuals expressing their willingness to recycle more due to environmental concerns.

Chris Latham-Warde, Program Manager for Every Can Counts, emphasizes the significance of recycling aluminum cans repeatedly to conserve energy and reduce waste. The partnership with Loreto College and St. Patrick’s Festival reflects a commitment to sustainability and community engagement.

Jackie Dempsey, Principal at Loreto College, commends the students for their dedication to collecting cans and supporting the installation. Richard Tierney, CEO of St. Patrick’s Festival, appreciates the collaboration with Every Can Counts and Loreto College, emphasizing the importance of every little effort towards creating a greener future.

As sustainability remains a core value, St. Patrick’s Festival aims to continue promoting impactful initiatives and supporting creative endeavors while enhancing sustainability practices. The partnership with Every Can Counts exemplifies a shared commitment to a brighter, environmentally conscious future.

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