Ruby Palomino wowed the audience at the Viña del Mar 2024 International Music Festival with her performance of the song ‘Song for a sad planet’ composed by Francisco García Silva. Despite her best efforts, Ruby received a score of 4.8, placing her last in the Folklore category behind Mexico and Argentina.

However, Ruby still has another performance scheduled for Tuesday, February 27, giving her a chance to redeem herself. She is counting on the support of the Peruvian public and has encouraged her fans to vote for her through the official competition app. Ruby is determined to make a comeback in her next presentation.

Acknowledging the support she has received, Ruby expressed gratitude to her followers and mentioned the importance of the Peruvian flag in her costume as a symbol of her love for her country. She carries the support of her fans in her heart.

The Viña del Mar International Song Festival is broadcast exclusively on Star+, with TVN and Canal 13 handling the broadcast in Chile. Star+ and Billboard will broadcast the festival in the rest of Latin America, including Peru. The festival promises a high-quality show each night, starting at 9:20 p.m. Chilean time and lasting for four to five hours.

Make sure not to miss the live broadcast of Viña del Mar 2024 to witness performances by Lita Pezo and Ruby Palomino. Stay tuned for more exciting acts and show your support for your favorite artists in the competition. Let’s rally behind our talented Peruvian singers on this international stage.

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