In the mid-20th century, jetting off to the Mediterranean for an affordable sun-soaked holiday became a popular trend among Brits. A captivating new book, The Package Holiday, curated by Jake Clark and filled with vintage photographs by Trevor Clark, transports readers back to that lively era of leisurely days by the hotel pool, refreshing drinks, and endless sunshine in Mallorca.

Mallorca, a prime destination during the 1960s and ’70s, attracted tourists with its warm climate, stunning shorelines, and lively culture. Trevor Clark, capturing the essence of this period, opened a commercial studio in Mallorca and used Ektachrome film and a Hasselblad camera to document the leisure and luxury enjoyed by British tourists. This included scenes of brightly colored swimwear, minimal sun protection, poolside cocktails, and families enjoying activities like archery.

Jake Clark, an artist and lecturer with personal ties to Mallorca, curated his father’s photographs as a tribute to the era and the memories it holds. Reflecting on the collection, Jake sees it as a personal journey through memories of childhood and a broader exploration of travel’s evolution. He carefully selected images from thousands of transparencies, focusing on those that resonate with him and inspire his own art.

The book highlights iconic trends of the time, such as bold swimwear and poolside cocktails, capturing the playful essence of a period when international travel became more accessible. Jake acknowledges the irony of his father capturing these scenes without experiencing such holidays himself, showcasing his dedication to his craft. Today, travel to Mallorca and the package holiday scene has evolved, with a new focus on sustainable tourism and local culture.

“The Package Holiday: 1968—1985” offers a nostalgic journey through British travel history, celebrating the discovery of new destinations and the timeless pleasures of sun, sea, and relaxation. Jake Clark’s collection not only honors his father’s legacy but also shares a piece of history that resonates with modern travel culture, reminding us of the enduring appeal of exploration and leisure.

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