The much-anticipated English Riviera Airshow is set to thrill spectators with performances from the iconic RAF Red Arrows and Typhoon jets this weekend. This free-to-watch event, held on Paignton Green, promises not only breathtaking aerial displays but also live entertainment on the ground and water-based activities.

Organizers are excited about the lineup of aircraft and the promising weather forecast for the event, ensuring a fun-filled weekend for all attendees. While the schedule is subject to change, visitors can expect a fantastic show in the sky.

Last summer, the future of the airshow was uncertain, but Torbay Council’s decision to extend the event demonstrates a commitment to turning it into a multi-day festival of music and flying. The aim is to enhance the experience by incorporating more water-based activities into the program.

For more information on the English Riviera Airshow and what to expect, visit their website. Don’t miss out on this thrilling event that combines adrenaline-pumping aerial displays with on-the-ground entertainment.

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