YUNGBLUD has announced the latest lineup additions for his upcoming festival, BLUDFEST, set to take place at Milton Keynes Bowl on August 11th. Joining headliner YUNGBLUD on the newly revealed second stage are Noahfinnce, Jesse Jo Stark, Landon Barker, Hannah Grae, and Aziya. These acts will be sharing the stage with previously announced artists such as Lil Yachty, Soft Play, The Damned, Nessa Barrett, Lola Young, and Jazmin Bean.

Dominic Harrison, also known as YUNGBLUD, shared his vision for BLUDFEST, stating, “Five years ago we imagined a world of our own. In BLUDFEST we have physically built one. It feels like the next logical step for me. I want to create a physical safe space where people can come and celebrate the ideologies of this community – where unity, individuality, and love is the main focus and we bring the world of Yungblud to life right before your eyes.”

He continued, “BLUDFEST will blur the lines of genre and destroy the limitation of imagination. It will be a festival that cuts the corporate nonsense and is all about the people. My plan is to take it worldwide, but this summer is the first one and it’s going to be something no one has ever seen before in the UK.”

In addition to the diverse music lineup, BLUDFEST will also feature a ‘Make A Friend’ tent, photobooths, a YUNGBLUD museum, a specially branded burger called The BludBurger, and more. The festival promises to offer attendees a unique experience that celebrates inclusivity, creativity, and self-expression.

With an exciting lineup and a vision to create a one-of-a-kind festival experience, BLUDFEST is set to become a must-attend event for fans of YUNGBLUD and music lovers alike.

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