Cairo-based fashion designer and visual artist, Lamia Rady, is the founder of Rigash. Rady’s creative journey began at the young age of thirteen when she discovered her passion for design and sewing. Teaching herself the art of sewing, she later pursued a Visual Arts degree to further refine her skills. After completing a program at York University in Canada and graduating from the American University in Cairo, Rady focused on creative direction and styling, shaping the unique aesthetic of Rigash. In 2020, she unveiled her debut womenswear collection, which explores the connection between individuals and their bodies, drawing inspiration from minimalism and her Egyptian heritage.

Rady’s brand, Rigash, is known for its bold, structured designs that blend form, texture, and a muted color palette. The brand’s core identity revolves around a minimalist aesthetic with a sharp edge, mixing art and fashion to create wearable art pieces. One of the struggles Rady faced early on was dealing with an autoimmune disease called Crohn’s, which shaped her relationship to her own body and influenced her designs.

The creative process behind Rigash’s collections is focused on experimenting with textures, cuts, and prints while maintaining a clean and minimal aesthetic. Rady draws inspiration from fabric exploration and ethical considerations, choosing faux and vegan leathers to incorporate animal prints without compromising her values. The brand’s commitment to responsible materials is evident in each piece’s design.

Rigash’s designs are influenced by Rady’s rich Egyptian heritage, drawing inspiration from the country’s craftsmanship and natural materials like linen and cotton. These choices reflect a commitment to sustainability and a connection to Egypt’s textile production history.

At the heart of Rigash’s designs is a focus on individuality and empowerment. Rady envisions her pieces on celebrities like Hailey Bieber, whose aesthetics align with the brand’s identity. Dressing celebrities like Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez has been a significant milestone for Rigash, signaling the brand’s global recognition and success.

Overall, Rigash continues to push boundaries with its unique designs and commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion practices. For more stories on fashion, visit our dedicated archives.

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