The Saudi Red Sea Authority recently received the prestigious Game-Changer in Sustainable Tourism Award at the TLME Game-Changers Awards Ceremony in Dubai. The award was presented to the company that has made significant strides in promoting cleaner and greener tourism in the Middle East region.

During the awards ceremony, host Katie Jensen highlighted the efforts of the Saudi Red Sea Authority in preserving the beauty of the Red Sea and promoting regenerative tourism practices. The company’s mission to protect the environment and promote sustainable tourism was showcased in a winning video.

The Saudi Red Sea Authority’s commitment to sustainable practices and conservation efforts has earned them recognition as a leader in the industry. Their dedication to creating a more environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism sector has set a new standard for the region.

This award not only recognizes the efforts of the Saudi Red Sea Authority but also serves as a reminder of the importance of promoting sustainable tourism practices for the future of the industry. The company’s emphasis on protecting the environment and promoting regenerative tourism serves as an inspiration for others in the region to follow suit.

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