The University of Tennessee, Knoxville is gearing up for Vol Success Week, taking place from Feb. 26 to March 1, where students will have access to resources focused on academic and personal well-being. This initiative aims to provide students with tools to succeed academically, strategies for success, and tips for maintaining good physical and mental health as they prepare for midterms. Vol Success Week showcases UT’s dedication to enhancing student success, enriching the student experience, and improving outcomes.

Amber Williams, the vice provost for student success, emphasized the importance of these events in empowering scholars by providing valuable resources, support networks, and fostering a sense of community. The goal is to set the stage for a successful academic journey by prioritizing personal growth and overall well-being.

Throughout the week, students can take advantage of resources and programming offered by various university units including the Academic Success Center, Center for Career Development and Academic Exploration, Undergraduate Research and Fellowships, University Honors, Veterans Success Center, and the Vol Study Center.

Vol Success Week will feature a diverse range of events, such as study sessions at the Vol Study Center, Coffee and Coaching sessions at the Academic Success Center, and workshops on test-taking strategies and stress management. Students can also participate in activities like creating study kits, learning about research opportunities, and engaging in speed coaching sessions.

This event is part of the larger Big Orange Welcome program, designed to welcome and support first-year and transfer students during their initial semester at UT. Students can access the full calendar of Vol Success Week events through the Volunteer Life Guide app.

For more information, individuals can contact Maggie Palmer at 865-974-3993 or email

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