The Devyani Dancers, a local group from Central Florida, have been showcasing their talent since 2009. Specializing in Bharatanatyam and Bollywood routines, they have graced various cultural events in the area over the years.

From Crane’s Roost World Food Festival to FusionFest, and from Bengali Cultural Festival to Orange County’s AAPI events, the Devyani Dancers have left their mark on numerous occasions. They have also performed at AsiaTrend events, IABA events, IACC events, UCF cultural events, mandirs events, and local Diwali shows.

One of their most exciting opportunities this year is to perform at Disney World’s 2nd Annual Diwali Dance Fest. The group is incredibly grateful for this chance and is seeking community support to help them share their love and passion for Indian dance and culture at such a prestigious event.

Each dancer’s fee for this opportunity is ,400. Any contribution towards helping them promote Indian culture and acceptance through their art of dance would be greatly appreciated. Those willing to support can visit or use the following payment methods: Zelle at 407-913-6803, Venmo at @HennaByPriya, and CashApp at $HennaByPriya.

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