This June, the Sustainable Restaurant Association is encouraging UK restaurants to host sustainable suppers in honor of Great Big Green Week, London Climate Action Week, and the Grow Urban Festival. To support restaurants in this initiative, a free toolkit is available with essential tips on how to host a sustainable supper.

Great Big Green Week is the UK’s largest celebration of community action to combat climate change and preserve nature. In 2024, the event will take place from June 8th to 16th under the theme “Let’s swap together for good.” The Grow Urban Festival will also coincide with this, hosting events throughout London to promote ‘Greening and Growing,’ aiming to educate individuals on sustainable living and city greening.

There are numerous benefits for businesses participating in hosting a sustainable supper event, including engaging with a new audience, showcasing sustainability commitments, testing new lower-impact menu ideas, boosting social media presence, collaborating with sustainability-focused organizations, and engaging with local press to highlight sustainability efforts.

The events will run from June 8th to 16th, with London Climate Action Week following from June 22nd to 30th. Restaurants across the UK are encouraged to sign up for Great Big Green Week and host a sustainable supper, with London restaurants also able to participate in the Grow Urban Festival.

For businesses interested in getting involved, a sustainable supper toolkit is available for download. Additional steps include notifying the Sustainable Restaurant Association of your event, leveraging branded assets and communications support, sharing the event with the Grow Urban Festival, and promoting the event through various channels.

For more information and updates, follow The Sustainable Restaurant Association on Instagram and LinkedIn, and sign up for their newsletter for the latest insights and events. Let’s come together this June to showcase sustainability in the restaurant industry and make a positive impact on the environment.

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