ManvsMachine, a design and branding agency, was tasked with creating the visual brand campaign for OFFF Barcelona 2024, a festival known for showcasing contemporary visual culture and design. The goal was to capture the collective experience of OFFF in a visually striking way. The concept of “lifeforms” or LIFFFE/FFFORMS was born, with each abstract lifeform representing a feeling or emotion associated with the creative process. These lifeforms would come together in a final scene at the festival.

The team at ManvsMachine faced challenges with the open brief but ultimately arrived at a concept that pushed them outside their comfort zone. Drawing inspiration from abstract homewares and ceramics, they aimed to create visually stunning characters that could stand alone as objects of beauty.

Despite time constraints and juggling other client work, the team ensured the creative process was modular enough for artists at their London and Los Angeles studios to contribute. Looking back, they expressed a desire to make the project even weirder if given the chance.

Overall, the visual brand campaign for OFFF Barcelona 2024 was a creative endeavor that aimed to engage and resonate with the creative community attending the festival. The concept of lifeforms and the visual influences drawn from various sources added depth and meaning to the project, making it a memorable and unique experience for all involved.

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