This June, individuals and organizations in Northern Ireland are encouraged to participate in the 2024 Active Travel Challenge to promote sustainability, save money, and improve physical and mental health. The challenge calls for a shift from using cars to walking, cycling, or taking public transport for daily journeys, emphasizing the benefits of cleaner and greener modes of transportation.

In the previous year, over 9,000kg of CO2 emissions were saved by participants, highlighting the significant impact of sustainable travel on air quality and the local environment. The initiative, a collaboration between Sustrans, Translink, the Department for Infrastructure, Public Health Agency (PHA), Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, and Belfast City Council, aims to instill habits for a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable lifestyle.

The Active Travel Challenge, running throughout June, is open to individuals and organizations of all sizes in Northern Ireland. Participants can register their active travel journeys on the online platform for a chance to win prizes such as vouchers, travel tickets, gym passes, and rewards from national and regional retailers.

Claire Pollock, Head of Sustrans Northern Ireland, encourages everyone to incorporate active travel into their daily routines to reduce their carbon footprint and reap the benefits of physical, mental, and economic well-being. Ian Campbell also stresses the importance of small changes, like using public transport or cycling, to create a more sustainable lifestyle.

To learn more and participate in this year’s Active Travel Challenge, visit the website or email

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