Swedish children’s wear brand Newbie is thrilled to introduce its latest initiative, “PreLoved,” aimed at promoting sustainability through the collection and resale of pre-worn Newbie garments. This innovative program gives beloved Newbie pieces a new life with another family.

“For Newbie, sustainability is at the very heart. Our nostalgic styles are designed to outlast trends and span the seasons, made using materials that have less environmental impact than conventional choices, and with quality that stands the test of time,” says Heidi Pathiaki, Acting Manager at Newbie UK.

Launched in May, customers in the United Kingdom can trade in their outgrown Newbie children’s wear at any Newbie store, where these items will be resold to new families. In return, participants will receive store credit, offering a percentage reduction on their next purchase. The initiative has already received an overwhelmingly positive response from customers.

“It is fantastic to see how well this initiative resonates with our customers. It truly aligns with Newbie’s promise to offer nostalgic styles that are made to last. We are delighted to see so many customers joining us in our mission to promote sustainable fashion through the PreLoved initiative,” continues Heidi Pathiaki.

Newbie In Northcote Road now features a dedicated PreLoved section, where customers can browse and purchase timeless, pre-loved garments, finding unique treasures to cherish anew.

About the PreLoved Initiative:
PreLoved is a sustainability-driven initiative by Newbie, focusing on collecting and reselling Newbie garments that children have outgrown. By participating, customers contribute to a circular fashion model, giving these cherished pieces a second life with a new family.

How It Works:
Customers can trade in their outgrown Newbie children’s wear at any Newbie store. The items must be clean, stain-free, and freshly laundered. In return, customers will receive store credit for a percentage reduction on their next purchase.

For More Information:
Contact: Emma Johansson – Manager
Email:  manager.northcoteroad@newbiestore.com
Phone: Northcote Road store: 07849 084373

About Newbie
Newbie’s story began in 2010, when designers at the Nordic fashion retail chain Kappahl created a collection of affordable babywear, founded on the keywords timeless and sustainable, that can be handed down from one generation to the next. Newbie came into being at just the right time and quickly went viral. There and then, many “Newbie Lovers” took the brand to their hearts. Their engagement has influenced both the design and the range, creating an extensive second-hand market for the collection that aligns perfectly with Newbie’s focus on sustainability. The first Newbie Store opened in Stockholm in 2014. Newbie has expanded since then, with several independent stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland and the UK, and is also sold in all Kappahl’s stores. It has an online presence in most European countries as well as some countries in Asia. Newbie is a brand within the Swedish fashion chain Kappahl Group. More information is available at newbiestore.com

Join us in our mission to promote sustainable children’s fashion with PreLoved by Newbie – because every garment deserves a second chance to be loved.

Mia Rönquist, PR and social media specialist Newbie
Phone: + 46 (0)733 72 16 60
Email: mia.ronquist@kappahl.com

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